Where to buy flamenco dance gear in Cadiz Province

The problem with lists is that they are always changing, to the best of my knowledge here is a short list of where to find some dance gear for different budgets.  

Remember, to choose shoes according to your activity.  If you are dancing occasionally, cheap shoes are fine,  but if dancing frequently, or all day, and everyday, you should invest in semi-profesional to profesional shoes.  Your feet will thank you for it.

Below I have listed some stores by town:

Jerez de la Frontera:

Fatima's Taller Flamenco 
Under the arch with a black iron gate. Ask for Fátima.
CALLE TORNERIA-6 ( TALLER FLAMENCO PASAJE EDF. SANTO ANGEL), or look for her in Facebook and internet.  She is located just a few steps from Plaza Plateros, in downtown Jerez. You will find high quality Flamenco shoes. Brands like, Luna Flamenca, Arte FyL, Senovilla, and Gallardo, also very unique dance skirts, blouses, and fans.  If you have hard to find shoe size, like an adult size 32 she has them or can get them.

Can be found in Seville, but this one is in Jerez, Francos st. #8
Phone: 856591515
Email: senovillajerez@gmail.com

Tamara. c/ Santa Maria: has Feria dresses as well as flamenco outfits and med/high end flamenco shoes- Begoña Cervera brand, castanets, fans, earrings, hats and boy outfits.

Pasarela /Roberto Garrudo C/Doña Blanca. Follow the pedestrian street past the main market, they sell boots for El Rocio, feria shoes and some (inexpensive) flamenco shoes, selection is very limited.

El Puerto de Santa Maria:

The gypsy market has some cheap practice skirts, but no shoes. I recommend good shoes, your feet will love you for it.

Decathlon Sport store: has girl dance skirts, not sure about shoes and adult sizes.

Sanlucar de Barrameda and Rota:
Gypsy Market for cheap practice skirts

iTunes has lots of choices, like this one I use in class. Or Youtube, and other music apps. 

Mala Musica:
by Villamarta Theater in Jerez. Medina st. For flamenco music
El Corte Ingles Music department


Internet: just to mention a few

Candela Solo Flamenco,
Located in Sevilla, they have internet site with really pretty skirts
Once a year during the February Flamenco Festival in Jerez, they set up shop in downtown Jerez. Usually an empty store rented for a couple of weeks. The practice skirts they sell are gorgeous.

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